2018 Honda Gold Wing Price Announced

Honda revealed the pricing for the new Gold Wing in the American market. While the standard version starts from $23,500, you’ll have to pay $31,500 for the Gold Wing Tour with airbag and DCT. 

Here are the 2018 Honda Gold Wing prices: 

2018 Gold Wing – $23,500 
2018 Gold Wing Automatic DCT – $24,700. What you get? A 7-speed automatic gearbox with walking mode/reverse
2018 Gold Wing Tour – $26,700. What you get? 6-speed manual transmision, 50 liter travel trunk, reverse, electronic preload suspension
2018 Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT – $27,700 What you get? 7-speed automatic with walking mode/reverse, electronic preload suspension, 50-liter travel trunk
2018 Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT Airbag – $31,500. You get al the Gold Wing Tour goodies plus airbag

However, these are the base prices. If you want to add some extras, the price can go up to $35,000 for a fully equipped Gold Wing Tour. 

No official prices for Europe, yet. Still, as far as we know, you’ll have to pay up to €35,000 for an automatic Gold Wing Tour. 

Watch our 2018 Honda Gold Wing first view video below

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