2019 BMW C400GT Review – Here’s Why It Costs $9.3K

2019 BMW C400GT Review - Here’s why it costs $9.3K 1

We had a full-week ride with the new C400GT – BMW’s new mid-size scooter. We used it mainly in the city, but also tried it on the highway and curvy roads – that’s the point with a mid-size scooter – it should be faster enough on national roads and still fits in the city traffic. 

At $9,300 it’s not quite cheap for a mid-size scooter, but it features the BMW Connectivity Display and some comfort options such as the heated seat. Watch the full review in the window below or directly on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe for more. 


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One thought on “2019 BMW C400GT Review – Here’s Why It Costs $9.3K

  1. Hello, we deeply love your reviews and specially your reviews make us decide whether we should buy or not. We saw your C400GT reviews and it is coming on 23rd of this month. We wish to see you if we ever come to your country. Please give us a chance to say Hello to you if we happen to fly there. We live in Thailand and my wife says that you are the most honest and loveable person. Haha .. i feel the same.
    We wish you all the best and sending you lots of love from Bangkok Thailand.
    Mr Racha & Pinky

    P.s. we had Goldwing in 2020 and had a terrible accident where the bike was in total loss but we luckily survived, which is why she doesn’t travel on motorcycle anymore. We would be very lucky and happy if we get a reply from you. My wife and i would be so happy .. 🙏🏻 She always smiles when there is a motorcycle review of yours on tv.

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