2019 BMW F850GS Adventure. Africa Twin Killer?

2019 BMW F850GS Adventure. Africa Twin Killer? 1

BMW F850GS Adventure is the gargantuan version of the basic F850GS. Featuring a 23 liter fuel tank that provides a 550 claimed range and a great weather protection due to the large fuel tank, wind deflectors and adjustable wind-screen, it solves two of the F850GS’ weak points: the low volume fuel tank and the poor weather protection. 

The new F850GS Adventure is a direct rival for the Africa Twin Adventure Sports. They are coming with exactly the same weight. Oh, sorry, the Africa Twin is 1 kg lighter –  243 kg instead of 244, pretty the same fuel tank volume (24/23 liters), same power (95 hp), same engine type – inline twin, a 21 inches wheel.. etc. 

Meanwhile, the Africa Twin features a better spread of torque, an optional DCT but no cruise control and tube-type rims. BMW F850GSA features more attractive equipment and electronics, but that comes with a higher price. And there’s still a lot to discuss, but we don’t have all the details yet. 

We made a comparison review a couple of months ago between the F850GS (standard), the Africa Twin Adventure Sports and the Tiger 800 XCX. While the Africa Twin proved to be excellent for touring, the F850GS was an off-road athlete. But that was due to the fact that the F850GS was in its small fuel tank, low weather protection from, while the Africa Twin came with a lot different attitude. So this time will be much more interesting because we'll have exactly the same bikes to compare. 

And, of course, we have to do a comparison review in order to have a winner. But before that, let’s have a look at the new BMW F850GS Adventure. We recently got close to it at the EICMA show and this is our preview. You can watch it in the window below or directly on our

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