2019 BMW S1000RR Price Announced

2019 BMW S1000RR price announced 1

Will your savings cover a set of carbon fibre wheels?

The new BMW S1000RR is one of the most wanted bikes for the next year in the Superbike scene. It look attractive, but here’s where the big question kicks in – did you save enough money this year? A brand new S1000RR costs about $20,000 with all the features included – same as the outgoing model. 

P90327339_highRes_the new bmw s 1000 r

2019 BMW S1000RR Stock Price – €18,750

In terms of electronic systems the guys at BMW are very generous by filling the base model option list with :
–   Cornering ABS
–   Shift Assist Pro ( up and down quick shifter)
–   Four riding modes
–   Traction control
–   TFT dash 
–   LED lights. 

The intermediate version – 21.030€

Things start to get messy as soon as you tick a few more option boxes. For example the

–  DDC package (electronic suspension) goes for 1090€ 

Race package – 1490€  

The race package contains a lot of useful parts that you will need if you think about hitting the racetrack. You get a set of forged wheels which are a lot lighter than the stock ones, a lightweight battery and extra riding modes. So, this means your bike will be lighter than the base model and you will also get the PRO riding modes.

P90327349_highRes_the new bmw s 1000 r

The M version – 23.040€

–  M battery
–  Carbon fibre wheels
–  M seat
–  Pro riding modes
–  Motorsport colours
–  DDC
–  M rear seats

The M package will not transform you S1000RR in a one of a kind, but it will definitely enhance the performance and looks of your bike. Unfortunately, the carbon wheels are not approved for competition. 

Which one should you buy?

In my opinion, as a racing enthusiast, the mid-range version will be ideal for both street and track use. If you choose to take it for racing, it will definitely be a top choice. The forged wheels will enhance the way the bike reacts on track and improve the overall feeling while saving some weight. The last mod you will have to perform for your bike will be a set of race fairings and a race exhaust system. By doing this swap, you will end up with a 185kg race bike that will produce around 200 hp at the rear wheel. The only thing you will need is the skill to stay on top of this missile. Of course, you can always go for the cheaper version and order the base model. In stock trim, you will get the aggressive looks, the new 4-cylinder in-line engine that produces 207hp and an overall weight loss of around 10kg (197kg wet). 

Check out our interview with the BMW S1000RR product manager at Eicma in the window below or directly on our YouTube Channel.

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