2019 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – Registrations Are Open

2019 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - Registrations are open 1

This year’s DGR comes with a special theme

The 2019 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride will take place on the 29th of September all over the world. The official registration is open and this year’s theme is “Art-Deco”. 

In order to participate to the DGR, you must register to the official website, no matter the ride you’ll attend, wether it’s located in Mumbai or New York. The registration process includes a donation – the DGR is raising funds every year to fight the prostate cancer and mental illness. 

2019 DGR Art-Deco theme is inspired by the 1920 transport posters made by Mads Berg that featured bold imagery and and color, and the geometric shapes specific to the Art-Deco movement. But the rules are the same as every year: Dress Dapper, ride classic style. As every year, you must be classy. Being inspired by a photo of Mad Men’s TV Show where Don Draper wore his finest suit on a classic motorcycle, in order to participate to any of the hundreds of rides in different countries and cities, you will have to wear something at least classy if not your finest.

Besides the classy garments, your motorcycle should be classic or vintage, too. To make the things clear, it will have to fall under one of the provided categories:

– Café Racer – A cult classic, lightweight, powerful bike that sacrifices comfort for speed and handling 
– Classic – A 35 year or older machine, that stood the test of time or has been restored to factory condition 
– Chopper – Large capacity engines, small capacity tanks and a sissy bar that stretches as high as the bars
– Brat Style – Low and slow, made popular in Tokyo, Japan , traditionally anti-chrome, features a slab seat, sprung rear and mini-apes
– Bobber – Keeping only to the essentials, shortened fenders and a bobbed seat – a tribute to minimalism
– Scooter – Metal-bodied, built the old fashion way
– Tracker – Off road classic built to keep the weight down and slide sideways
– Scrambler – Big twin or single cylinder classic, fashioned into a highly capable off road machine
– Sidecar – Classic styled motorcycles with room for three

Ever since it was founded in 2012 by, Mark Hawwa, in Sydney , Australia, this themed ride fundraiser has earned a lot of attention from the global motorcycling community, mostly due to the active implication in prostate cancer research. So much so that, the past edition, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride(DGR) has been in 648 cities, 102 countries, had 114 thousand riders participate and managed to raise around 6,2 million USD.

Over the years they have been partners with Prostate Cancer Foundation branches from Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zeeland, but, in 2016 , their official charity partner became the Movember Foundation, after loosing one of the DGR’s ride host to depression, thus developing mental health and suicide prevention programs for men, along side the cancer research.

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