2019 Honda CB500X – Unboxing and Engine Start

2019 Honda CB500X - Unboxing and Engine Start 1

We love unboxing the bikes we’ll test in the upcoming season. And you know that because this is not the first time we’re doing it. Now it’s time un unveil the 2019 Honda CB500X – one of our favorites for 2019. It’s light, cheap and powerful enough for touring. And Honda just made it better. 

Honda listened to the feedback in the market and made some essential updates on the CB500X for 2019. The most important is a 19 inches front (instead of 17) and longer travel suspension – the CB500X just got an adventurous stance and seems ready for some dirt. More than that, there’s a new dash, new ergonomics and a couple of new other updates. 

We’ll test the CB500X soon because we’re very curious to find out if it’s a true adventure bike. Meanwhile, watch our unboxing and subscribe to our YouTube channel – it’s gonna be a great year. 

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