2019 Indian Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster Deactivate Rear Cylinder in Specific Scenarios

2019 Indian Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster deactivate rear cylinder in specific scenarios 1

Indian’s 2019 Chief, Springfield & Roadmaster receive multiple updates that increase comfort and performance, will only use front cylinder at standstills

Good things have been happening in Indian’s camp, and three of their main bikes receive awesome tech updates for 2019. The 2019 Indian Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster take a bold step towards the future and introduce features that will help riders customize their experience, save fuel, ride in more comfort and enjoy their bikes even more.

Indian’s updates are a direct response to feedback received from riders, and this makes everything all the more interesting. Indian paying close attention to what their customers want is one of the greatest ways to keep interest high and deliver machines that meet the riders’ needs, enhancing the joy of ownership and brand satisfaction.


Adding riding modes to these bikes is probably one of the biggest updates since Indian got resurrected. The 2019 Indian Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster can now ride in Tour, Standard or Sport modes, each with a different throttle map, with the response tailored to specific conditions and expectations. The Tour mode has a smooth throttle response engineered for a relaxed ride, while the Standard one is crispier, providing dependable passing power and predictability at lower speed maneuvers. The Sport mode offers instant throttle response and the most aggressive power delivery for skilled riders who want to feel the full might of the Thunder Stroke 111 engine.

Rear Cylinder Deactivation is the other big leap Indian take with their 2019 bikes. When the engine reaches the optimal operating temperature and the ambient is over 15 Celsius, the rear cylinder will be automatically deactivated when the bike comes to a halt. This is especially important when riding in slow traffic with many stop-and-go episodes, as the engine will generate less heat. When the rider uses the throttle, the rear cylinder is seamlessly activated for smooth acceleration and full power delivery.

The 2019 Roadmaster receives redesigned lower fairings that can be adjusted from open to fully closed, for the ultimate weather protection. The new lowers can also be retrofitted on older bikes with the addition of the new highway bars.


Finally, the audio system fitted on the new Indians sports tweeters that have been separated from the midrange speakers for better definition and clarity. A new dynamic EQ was added, and it is fully customizable. EQ settings will automatically change as speed increases or decreases, to provide optimal listening experience.

Colors have also been updated, and the 2019 Chief Dark Horse and Springfield Dark Horse come with “gloss black finishes on the engine including the primary, valve, and cam covers, push-rod tubes, as well as on the exhaust and saddlebag hinges.” The Springfield Dark Horse also has two new colors, Thunder Black Smoke and White Smoke, and received the Indian headdress on the front fender and a 19” contrast-cut wheel. Prices will be announced soon.

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