2019 Yamaha R3 Models Recalled for Brake Issues

2019 Yamaha R3 models recalled for brake issues 1

The recalls are regarding the front brake hose & the brake hose holder

The Japanese brand’s recall is concerning the 2019 Yamaha R3 models. It affects around 1,500 units and the problems come from the front brake system.

The NHTSA issued two recall notices (number 20V-071 & 20V-073) regarding the 2019 models of the Yamaha R3 sportbike. According to the official documents, the issue regards the front braking system.

2019 Yamaha YZF R320 EU Yamaha_Blue Studio 001 03

The first recall is about the front brake hose. When turning the handlebars from left to right the horn lead wire could get damaged. So, this could cause a leak of brake fluid and affect the braking ability which could result in a loss of control of the motorcycle.

YAMAHA R3 14 5913 default large 2632

In the second recall, the brake hose holder may come off the front fork bracket. This is caused by an incorrect bracket hook shape. So, as a result, the hose protector cover could touch the front fork tube causing premature wear to the cover. Furthermore, a worn cover could expose the brake hose to wear causing it to leak brake fluid.

Yamaha said it will notify R3 owners and repair or replace the front brake hose and the front brake hose holder, free of charge.

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