2020 BMW S1000XR Price Announced. Here Is the Price Comparison With Rivals

2020 BMW S1000XR price announced. Here is the price comparison with rivals 1

The new S1000XR is lighter and offers new electronics

The BMW engineers built a better-looking sports tourer with an aggressive design and more safety and touring features. So, the bike should be more enjoyable to ride and to make long touring adventures. Here are the new updates for the 2020 BMW S1000XR. 

Launched at 2019 EICMA, the 2020 BMW S1000XR comes with an updated engine, still making 165 hp, but for 2020 it offers more mid-range torque. The gearing has been updated as well. 

The bike is 10 kg lighter thanks to the new engine, swing-arm and exhaust system. And there is a new front-end with LED headlights to make it look more aggressive. Fully loaded it weight around 226 kg.
2020 bmw s 1000 xr first look 2

The changes don’t stop here, the bike features new ergonomics, the BMW Connectivity Dash and of course the BMW electronics package.

The 2020 BMW S1000XR has a starting price of €17.370 for the European market. The starting price is without any optional features. Adding racing red colour, carbon, dynamic and touring packages with the GPS, additional fog LED lights, adaptive headlights, M forged wheels and a couple of safety features and the price tag reaches €25.170.
2020 bmw s 1000 xr first look 1

The rivals price list:

Ducati Multistrada 1260 – €17.990
Ducati Multistrada 1260 S – €20.990
Ducati Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak – €25.690
KTM 1290 Super Duke GT – €19.780

*prices may be different in other markets
2020 bmw s 1000 xr first look 11
2020 bmw s 1000 xr first look 12
2020 bmw s 1000 xr first look 10
2020 bmw s 1000 xr first look 9

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