2020 Ducati Superleggera V4: 234 Hp and 152 Kg

2020 Ducati Superleggera V4: 234 hp and 152 kg 1

The 2020 Superleggera V4 will be built in only 500 units. It’s street-legal and the rumors suggest a $100,000 price tag

The Ducati Superleggera V4 features an carbon fibre chassis (frame, subframe, swingarm and wheels). The result: 234 hp and 152.2 kg equipped with the racing kit.  

The 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 was uncovered today, and the Italian engineers are saying that they used for the development of the bike techniques from the aerospace industry, such as thermography, ultrasound inspections and tomography.

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The engine 

The 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 has a 998cc 90° V4 engine. It is 2,8 kg lighter than the 1,103cc V4 on the Panigale V4 and V4S bikes. The engine makes 224 hp with the approved Akrapovič exhaust system in road-legal configuration and 234 hp equipped with the Akrapovič race exhaust system for track use. The superbike is fitted with a dry clutch and a RaceGP display.

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Ducati used components such as carbon fibre, titanium and magnesium plus parts made from solid aluminium to keep the dry weight down at 159 kg which is 16 kg less than the Panigale V4 model.

The Ducati Superleggera V4 power-to-weight ratio is 1.41 hp/kg and when fitted with the Akrapovič race exhaust system and racing kit configuration is 1.54 hp/kg while the dry weight goes down to 152.2 kg.

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MotoGP-inspired full carbon fibre bodywork  

The Superleggera V4 has full carbon fibre fairing with aerodynamic features that exceed the current MotoGP bikes. The winglets have been designed from the 2016 Ducati MotoGP bike and create a downforce of 50 kg at 270 kph, 20 kg more than the current Panigale V4 and V4R models.
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The chassis dimensions have been modified for track use by increasing the length of the swingarm.

The electronics – three reprogrammed Riding Modes

The 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 features three reprogrammed Riding Modes (Race A, Race B and Sport) and five additional Riding Modes that can be personalised with the rider's preferred settings.

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Other features include an upgraded Lap Timer which can record finish line and split times coordinates for five circuits, latest-generation electronics package including EVO 2 for the Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and up/down Ducati Quick Shifter (DQS).

The superbike is equipped with ABS Cornering EVO, Ducati Slide Control (DSC), Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO and Ducati Power Launch (DPL) to name a few.

Brembo brakes & Ohlins pressurised fork

The superbike is fitted with Brembo brakes with an MCS calliper featuring a remotely adjusted lever gap and Stylema R callipers. The Superleggera V4 is equipped with Öhlins suspension – a pressurised fork with lighter machined aluminium fork bottoms and a titanium shock absorber spring and GP-derived valves.
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The results on track from Alessandro Valia, the official Ducati tester are at Superbike Championship standards. The 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 was fitted with the racing kit and slick tires and around the Mugello circuit, Valia made a 1:52:45 lap, less than two seconds from the lap time of the Panigale V4 R SBK, winner of the 2019 Italian Motorspeed Championship (CIV) with Michele Pirro.

Deliveries start in June 2020 at the rate of 5 bikes per day. All the 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 bikes will be produced in 2020.

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Customers will be offered a track test on the factory Panigale V4 R Superbike World Championship machine. The Ducati Superleggera V4 is a limited edition of just 500 units. No official news about the price yet, but it's rumoured to cost about $100,000.

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