2020 Harley-Davidson 338 Launch Date Set for June

2020 Harley-Davidson 338 launch date set for June 1

Big badass Harley-Davidson going small? It looks so

The American brand has a target for the Asian market and a small bike for that – a 338cc to be more exact. The launch date is set for June 2020. What can we say? Small American bike made in China?

The rumours about a small capacity Harley-Davidson started in June last year. The target for the badass American brand seems to be the Asian market. And we know that Asia likes small bikes. 

The bike will be named Harley-Davidson 338 and is expected to be launched in June 2020. Building a small displacement bike is not an easy task for a company that is known for making big capacity bikes so Harley collaborated with Chinese manufacturer Qiangjiang to develop the project.

The news arrived at a press conference held by Qiangjiang, who also owns Benelli, and the plan is to bring under 500cc bikes to the Asian bike market. So, what can we expect from a small Harley-Davidson?

Well, the HD 338, as it is referred to by Qiangjiang, will use a Benelli 338cc twin-cylinder engine found on the current Benelli 302S model. The engine delivers 38 hp @ 11,000 rpm and a torque figure around 26 Nm. It looks like the steel trellis frame will be the same used on the Italian bike, but Harley-Davidson is expected to provide the bodywork and suspension.
harley davidson 338cc bike press images right side 34b0

One aspect remains on the first Asian bike market the bike will come to and according to a leaked Benelli presentation, the Harley-Davidson 338 is expected to arrive on the Chinese bike market in June this year. After that, the motorcycle should be launched on the Indian bike market by the end of 2020 according to the Indian media.

No news on the price for the moment and we have to wait and see what the small Harley will set us back for.

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