2020 Harley-Davidson Pan America – 145 Hp. the Secrets Revealed

2020 Harley-Davidson Pan America - 145 hp. The Secrets Revealed 1

Harley-Davidson brought the Pan America prototype to the EICMA this year and informed the media about the 1250 cc 60-degrees twin power output: it will develop 145 horsepower. That’s more than a big GS, but less than a KTM. 

Still, when talking about motorcycles, it’s not just about power. And since Harley-Davidson didn’t come up with details about the Pan America, we got closer to the bike for an in-depth look. There are some interesting things we observed, starting with the suspension – the Pan America will feature semi-active suspensions (probably Showa). 

The liquid-cooled engine is a stressed member of the frame, and there’s a removable sub-frame over there – just as any honorable adventure motorcycle. 

But this is not all, and we invite you to watch the video below, where we’re discussing all these characteristics of the Harley-Davidson Pan America. 

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