2020 Honda Africa Twin: Tubeless Tires, TFT Dash

2020 Honda Africa Twin: Tubeless Tires, TFT Dash 1

Leaked Photos: The new Africa Twin features more than an engine upgrade

Here are the first leaked photos of the 2020 Africa Twin. By studying them, we observe an improved Africa Twin, with tubeless tires and a new TFT Dash. The pictures are not at high resolution, so we cannot see if there’s any cruise control. 

The rumors about a new Africa Twin have been circulating for some time. What we knew was that it’s gonna be a CRF1100L, with a larger capacity engine to meet the Euro 5 and 6 regulations without losing horsepower. But it seems that it’s not all. 

The leaked photos published by motorcycle.com are showing two versions of the new Africa Twin

  • a basic one, with tube-type tires, small wind-screen, and small engine guard 
  • a higher-spec version, probably the “Adventure Sports”, that features silver (or gold) tubeless tires (you can see the spokes are fitted on the exterior side of the rim – the same technique used at the BMW Motorcycles), large engine shield, larger fuel tank, higher wind-screen and some aditional LED lights fitted right under the headlight. Cornering lights, maybe? 

2020 Africa Twin 6

Both versions are fitted with something that looks like a TFT Dash – already a standard in the adventure segment. 

The frame and subframe also seem to be a bit different and the front-end was redesigned: new headlight, smaller air intake,  sharper handguards.

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2020 Africa Twin 5

2020 Africa Twin 7

2020 Africa Twin 9

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