2020 Honda CB650R LongTerm Review: The Unboxing

2020 Honda CB650R LongTerm Review: The Unboxing 1

Honda CB650R was updated for 2019 with new looks inspired by the Neo Sports Cafe Concept. So now it has the same lines as the CB1000R and the smaller CB300. But it features the well-known inline-four developed for the old CBR and borrowed by the naked bikes. The volume increased to 650 to comply the regulations without losing power. 

Now, please welcome our Honda CB650R, in a nice blue finish. It just got to our garage and we unboxed it right away. Watch the movie in the window below or directly on our YouTube channel. 

What’s next? We’ll commute with this bike for as much as we can, we’ll check-out the service intervals and procedures, we’ll mount some accessories, go touring, try it with passenger, and a lot of stuff. It’s ours until October. So, what would you like to find out about it?


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