2020 Honda Forza 300 Unlimited Edition Unveiled

2020 Honda Forza 300 unlimited edition unveiled 1

The same technical features in a new colour scheme

The 2020 Honda Forza 300 unlimited edition features an adjustable electric windscreen, full LED lighting, same technical details as the standard model and a new Air Force Grey colour scheme.

Honda revealed an unlimited edition for their Forza 300 scooter. It features an adjustable electric windscreen that can be controlled from the left handlebar. The range from the lower position to the higher one is 140mm while the design helps to reduce the wind noise.


Other features include a dash that combines analogue and digital information, storage space under the seat that can fit two full-face helmets and a full LED headlight.


Furthermore, Honda offers the possibility to partition the storage area to house a helmet and A4 sized bags.

The front left inner fairing pocket is lockable and is fitted with a 12V charging socket while the Smart Key allows controlling the ignition switch and compartment locking. 

The scooter is fitted with the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) which has the option to switch on/off from the left handlebar. The system detects the difference between the front and rear wheel speeds to calculate the slip ratio. By doing so, the HSTC controls engine torque to increase rear wheel traction.


The Honda Forza 300 Unlimited Edition is offered with a new grey and gloss black colour scheme. Moreover, the stitching around the leather seat in coloured in red to match the wheel rim tape.

The last technical updates come from the 2018 model. So, the Forza 300 Unlimited Edition has a short wheelbase (1,510mm), the radiator and battery are located between the fuel tank and under-seat storage area while the wet weight sits at 182kg.


It’s fitted with a 279cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine making 24 hp @ 7,000 rpm and 27 Nm of torque @ 5,750 rpm. Top speed is 129 kph, the fuel tank has 11.5-litres which provides a range of over 350 km using the WMTC mode.


The suspension is provided by a telescopic fork adjustable through 7-stage spring preload and twin rear shock absorbers. The braking system is fitted with a 256mm single disc on the front and a 240mm disc on the rear. The Honda Forza 300 Unlimited Edition is equipped with two-channel ABS.


No details regarding the price for now, but a 2020 Honda Forza 300 scooter will set you back €5,975. So, the Unlimited Edition model could be a little bit more than that amount. 




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  1. love to find one, a dealer on he south shore- SOUTH OF BOSTON ! and I’d like to see more photos, of the dash/console/guages & Better list of otions,add-ons


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