2020 Honda Rebel 500. It Got Even Cooler

2020 Honda Rebel 500. It got even cooler 1

Meet the new Honda Rebel 500. Not a completely new bike, but with a striking new headlight that adds more character to the small cruiser. And it’s not just the looks. Honda came up with some subtle improvements. 

I remember that summer week riding the Rebel 500. Although an A2, beginner bike, it felt useful in the city, with enough poke and style to make me feel good. But I had some complaints about it: it became unstable in the 80 km/h turns and the seat wasn’t my favorite for a long day ride. The good news is that Honda might have fixed these issues: they announced a revised suspension and a more comfortable seat. But it’s not all. The new Rebel 500 also features a gear indicator on the dash and a slip & assist clutch. 

Watch our Honda Rebel 500 walkaround video below. Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe for more. We’ll cover all the major news at the EICMA. 

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