2020 KTM 390 Adventure. Is It a True Adventure Bike?

KTM just unveiled the 390 Adventure at the EICMA show in Milan. And it’s been a long time since we’re waiting for this bike to hit the market. What’s more to wish than a lightweight, affordable adventure bike, suitable for on-road and off-road riding?

The 390 Adventure shares the same single-cylinder engine as the 390 Duke, and the guys at KTM are saying that the 43 hp powerplant it’s more than up to the job. There’s even an off-road wheelie in the official presentation video. 

The great thing is that KTM came with an adjustable WP fork, which offers 170 mm of travel. It’s not 200/220 as on the big bikes, but it has less power and weight to handle. Speaking of the mass, it has 158 kg dry and a 15 liters fuel tank. Another good thing is that the 390 Adventure features an impressive electronic package, such as cornering ABS, and off-road ABS. And yes, it can also be fitted with spoked wheels. No, there’s not a 21 inches front. 

We’re at the EICMA right now, and we had a closer look at the KTM 390 Adventure. We were also lucky enough to interview Joachim Sauer – Senior Product Management Off-Road. So for more details and insights, watch the video below. 

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