2020 Sena 50 Series. Hi-Tech Helmet Intercoms

2020 Sena 50 series. Hi-tech helmet intercoms 1

Advanced Bluetooth technology from Sena making talking easy and fun

Sena launched the 50 series – helmet communication intercoms. They come in two models, 50S and 50R, and they allow up to six riders to talk at the same time while others can listen in. Smart stuff from Sena.

Sena showed the technology back in November at the Eicma 2019 show. So what is all about? The name is Sena 50 series and these helmet intercoms are built on Sena’s Bluetooth 5 platform. 

Communication is made easy with less interference from surrounding obstacles and a more reliable connection thanks to the Mesh 2.0 technology. It sounds cool and it is because Mesh 2.0 has Multi-channel Open Mesh, MOM for short, which allows you to choose from 9 intercom channels – a first in this segment.
sena 50s

If you like to speak to other riders, this system allows you to make your own group in Group Mesh and invite up to 24 riders or use Open Mesh and listen in to anyone on Mesh Intercom. Of course, the Mesh 2.0 technology allows up to 6 riders to talk simultaneously while others listen in. 

These intercoms are tailored for every rider because the Sena 50 series comes in 2 models, 50S with a rider-favourite jog-dial design and 50R with a low profile 3 button design.
sena serie 50  

To increase the comfort level and audio output the HD speakers were redesigned. They are now slightly slimmer and trimmed around the edges while the audio output is 7% louder than previous models. To further improve the intercoms, Sena improved the battery as well. Now, the fast-charging battery is 30% faster. In other words, you can use up to three hours of Mesh Intercom or five hours of Bluetooth Intercom with a quick charge of 20 minutes.
Sena cable recharge wifi

Like every hi-tech gadget, the Sena 50 series can be updated and used via an app on your smartphone. The brand integrated WiFi for automatic firmware upgrades.

Communication has been made easy as the intercoms feature hands-free controls and allow voice commands in 8 languages – parlez-vous français? 

The Sena 50 Series helps riders to directly connect to digital assistants like Siri or Google using voice commands. You can even listen to music, connect to GPS, take talks thanks to the smartphone connection.
 sena 50s single

All this comes at a price, of course. The single Sena 50S has a price of 329 USD / 359 EUR (including VAT), while the dual pack is on sale for 579 USD / 629 EUR (including VAT). On the other hand, for the single Sena 50R the price tag is 299 USD / 329 EUR (including VAT).

sena 50s single
sena 50r product highlight 02

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