2020 Triumph Rocket III Reportedly Lighter and More Poweful

2020 Triumph Rocket III Reportedly Lighter and More Poweful 1

If you thought the Rocket III was a beastly motorcycle, prepare for even more grunt from the 2020 model year.

Zie Germans at Motorrad Magazine recently spied the all-new Triumph powercruiser and found out great news for the enthusiasts of bikes with excessive power and torque.

Triumph unveiled the TFC limited edition earlier this year, but the standard 2020 MY will sport several differences. However, the Rocket III is bound to become one of the vilest cruisers of the industry, its engine now producing north of 170 hp and a whopping 221 Nm of torque.

And what’s even more thrilling is the fact that the Brits managed to shave a hefty weight off the new machine. The upcoming Rocket III is set to tip the scale at around 290 kg, a notable difference of some 45 kilos that will drastically improve its power-to-weight ration and make it even nimbler, further emphasizing on the acceleration capabilities.


Stopping power is also improved, with high-end Brembo calipers, while the ride quality will be taken to new heights by the use of RBW throttle control, traction control, four riding modes, hill start assist and even shift assistance for upshifting. A new TFT dashboard is also on the way, sources claim.

No word on pricing, but we are pretty sure we get to see the all-new Rocket III in the flesh ar EICMA later this year.

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