2020 Yamaha Tracer 700 Comes With Badass R1 Attitude

2020 Yamaha Tracer 700 comes with badass R1 attitude 1

Don’t get fooled by the R1-esque look of the new 2020 Yamaha Tracer 700. The MT-07 powerplant is still the same – enough poke for having fun, but not too much. It’s not meant to be intimidating. 

I remember my Yamaha Tracer 700 test-ride. A chilly, late-autumn day in the mountains, where I concluded that the Tracer 700 is one of the best all-rounders in the market if you’re a beginner – enough power not to get bored in a couple of years, enough grunt in that fantastic MT-07 twin for weekend fun-rides and even passenger touring, but not too much. Just enough. What I didn’t like was the handlebar – too narrow for that kind of bike – a high position sport-touring. The good news is that Yamaha just changed it for a wider one. 

The dash is also changed, but there’s no LCD yet, there’s a new fork over there (not upside-down, but adjustable), and the seat is also new. Yamaha claims that it’s more comfortable both for the rider and passenger. 

The new look it’s not just more aggressive. It’s also boosting the weather protection, with larger, adjustable windscreen. 

We did a walkaround at the EICMA to see it in person. You can watch it below. 

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