A “Bike of the Future” You Might Fall in Love With

A “Bike of the Future” you Might Fall in Love With 1

Usually, the “bike of the future” concepts are boring. But take a look at this Digimoto roadster.

Digimoto is a futuristic concept based on BMW R1200R, and it looks fabulous. It's a perfect blend between tech and state of the art design. 

The project was created by Zanzotti (a German designer), Graydev (innovation and development forge in Munich) and Wunderlich (a famous BMW outfitter). Those guys took a BMW R1200R, completely dismantled it and used digital Virtual Reality design for creating new parts such as the rough aluminum hand-cobbled fuel tank or the 3D printed cooling element of the headlight. 


The sensors and cameras on the motorcycle record the information around for a totally different riding experience. There is a sensor panel in the front headlight that translates the generated data into rider-relevant information which is directly transmitted to that awkward helmet. 


Does it actually work? Its creator says that “it rides like hell, but it’s not street-legal.” Why this project? “Digimoto is a design concept study of the future bike experience. We wanted to prove a Zeitgeist way of designing and developing products.” 


Beyond the tech, we love the look of this concept. And if this is how the bikes of the future will look like, we’re in. 



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