A More Aggressive Ducati Diavel May Surface This Fall

A more aggressive Ducati Diavel may surface this fall 1

The roadster market may see a very neat new addition this fall at EICMA, in the body of a new Ducati Diavel. It looks like the new machine is, in fact, a rather old project that dates back to 2013 or so, but the bricks that form its foundation just needed enough time to prove their reliability.

Reportedly, the new Diavel is what Ducati used to refer to as Project 1309, a machine that was to be derived from the initial Diavel, but whose time simply hadn’t come. With four years having passed since the initial Diavel got its first sibling in 2015, seeing a new beast from Borgo Panigale in 2019 only makes sense.

Project 1309 will be based on the XDiavel, rather than the seminal model, but will bring a new philosophy to the family. While the initial Diavel arrived with a fairly straight riding position, the X model took the footrests forward for a more laid back attire. Of course, the multiple adjustment points implemented by Bologna’s designers enhanced the versatility of the XDiavel, but the new bike will not follow in its steps.

Spy photos of the new Diavel already surfaced, showing the rearsets way behind those of the X model, and with a more compact, roadster-ish overall stance. The exhaust seems to be the same, and so appears to be the engine. Still nothing but rumors as to whether the new Diavel will get a bore-out for more displacement. The final drive is said to revert to using a chain, like the initial Diavel, as opposed to the belt driver on the X model.

According to those who saw the machine at the World Ducati Week at Misano, it looks still well into its prototype days, and many believe it will only arrive as a 2020 model year. Anyway, we’re thrilled to see this new Diavel showcased at EICMA, and we’ll bring you our hands-on thoughts.

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