Adventure Helmets Under $300. Our Selection

Adventure Helmets Under $300. Our selection 1

Just1 J34 vs. Astone Crosstourer vs. LS2 MX436 Pioneer Evo vs. Bell MX-9 vs. Caberg Tourmax

The adventure helmet segment has a lot of models and is not easy to choose between protection and comfort. We’ve checked to see what options are available and picked some helmets that combine the necessary features for an adventure trip.

Long journeys through all sorts of terrain and in all weather conditions can be the best adventure trip on a rider’s bucket list. Either is comfort, protection, noise reduction or ventilation, picking a good helmet for such a ride could be a tough choice. Here are some options we thought are useful.  

Just1 J34 – $130

The J34 model gathers the brands’ knowledge and race experience to offer comfort and protection. It’s a full-face helmet designed for long-distance travels and off-road adventures. 

It features optimal air ventilation thanks to the mouth and eyebrow large and multiple air vents. Another feature that stands out and helps you when riding in the snow are the optional dual heated dual-pane shields.

Also, the helmet offers a wide field of view that allows the rider to use it with motocross goggles. The inner linings are manufactured with breathable materials that incorporate an anti-microbial hygienic treatment. It’s easy to put on due to the design of the liner and clavicle flair. 

J34 SHAPE NEON RED dx copy_ml

Astone Crosstourer – $150

Astone focused on design for this Crosstourer model. It combines safety, aesthetics and comfort. The helmet is fitted with a transformation kit, numerous vents and a flexible, detachable peak. Also, you can wear motocross goggles in addition to the flip-up sun visor.

One detail we like is the micrometric buckle which has a practical attachment system with rack for easy tightening and adjustment. Other features include a pin-lock visor, flip-up sun visor, nose protector and an ABS thermoplastic polymer with good shock resistance.

You can keep the Astone Crosstourer helmet clean thanks to the removable and washable lining which includes the cheek and head pads.


LS2 MX436 Pioneer Evo – $180

LS2 focused on building this helmet for dirt adventure riding. The MX436 Pioneer Evo is fitted with a 3D Polycarbonate visor that offers a good field of view. It’s highly resistant to impact and avoids distortion.

The KPA Shell was manufactured using polycarbonate and thermoplastic materials. The inner shell has a Multi-Density EPS.

Ventilation is provided by multiple top vents and a chin vent. One detail we liked is the emergency release system which allows to easily remove the cheek pads from the helmet. This solution helps to take off the helmet very fast in case of an emergency.


Bell MX-9 – $206

Bell made this MX-9 model fit for track and urban riding. It features anti-fog and scratch-resistant face protection. The helmet is practical as well and you can use a pair of glasses due to the shield that folds up. Moreover, the shield can be removed completely.

It offers a personalized fit three shell and EPS sizes. The Velocity Flow Ventilation system keeps you cool on summer riding trips. To increase ventilation, Bell equipped the helmet with a fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor fitted with air intake vents.

The rider can easily pun on or take off the helmet with the help of a padded chin strap with D-ring closure.

600025036 bell mx 9 adventure mips dirt helmet switchback matte black orange left

Caberg Tourmax – $260

It’s the first flip-up helmet on the market and it features a peak that automatically moves close to the visor when opening the chin guard to minimize air resistance.

The dual P/J system with the lever on the left side of the helmet allows the chin guard to open. When used in the J position it blocks the chin guard.

The double visor tech system has an inner anti-scratch sun visor. Also, the helmet is equipped with a double pinlock lens.

It has good ventilation thanks to the two large vents on the chin guard and the shell. The lining is completely removable and washable and built using breathable and hypoallergenic fabric.

Caberg Bluetooth communication system connects to your smartphone or GPS.



One thought on “Adventure Helmets Under $300. Our Selection

  1. The Bell MX-9 saved me in a highway crash, I had a very minor concussion, and no head injuries despite sliding down the highway on the left side of my face. It’s a fairly simple helmet, nothing special… average wind nose, limited ventilation, weight is ok but not the lightest, not very easy to switch face shields, but it does accept goggles well, fits comfortably, and most importantly did its primary job exceptionally when called on.

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