AGV Sport Modular Helmet Is as Safe as the Top-Tier MotoGP Pista GP R

AGV Sport Modular helmet is as safe as the top-tier MotoGP Pista GP R 1

Grand Prix technology hits the streets: AGV’s new all-carbon Sport Modular helmet packs top-drawer features and is touted as safe as the MotoGP Pista GP R lid

AGV is best known for the helmets some of the top names in MotoGP have been using for years, with 9-time World Champion Valentino Rossi most likely being their biggest and greatest ambassador ever. Now it’s time that Grand Prix technology hit the streets, in the shape of the all-new Sport Modular helmet.

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AGV Sport Modular is all-carbon fiber lid designed to bring the best of both worlds together in a mixture of consumer-oriented comfort and top-level protection that’s hard to find these days. For starters, the AGV Sport Modular tips the scales at only 1,295 grams (2.85 lbs), and this places it in line with some of the lightest helmets money can buy. And we’re talking about a flip-up helmet!

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AGV offers this lid in three shell dimensions for an optimal sizing fit. The chin guard sports a super-precise closure for the best shock absorption and strength a helmet can offer. In fact, AGV states that their new Sport Modular lid provides the same protection their all-time star MotoGP Pista GP R helmet, and this sounds really impressive.

This helmet comes with a double-D ring strap, but the rings are now made from titanium, making sure they’re stronger, and at the same time 45% lighter than the casual steel ones. And of course, no corrosion can affect them over the years.

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The visor boasts 190 degrees of peripheral vision and 80 degrees of vertical clearance. Being a Class 1 optical visor, it ensures distortion-free vision for an accurate view, while its Max Vision Pinlock anti-fog lens now has 42% wider coverage. The visor’s mechanism is all-metal for the ultimate strength, and its micro-adjustment intervals are 70% smaller than what safety regulations demand.

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Wind-tunnel testing allowed AGV to design an adjustable spoiler that doubles as an air extractor while eliminating buffeting, excessive downforce or lift in all riding conditions, be it a casual ride around the town or blasting around on a closed circuit. All the front vents are easily accessible with gloved hands even in the wet, and special channels provide a demisting stream of air directed at the inner side of the visor.

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One of the most interesting solutions implemented by AGV is the reversible crown. Made from moisture wicking 2Dry fabric imbued with Sanitized odor-free treatment, the crown sports different architectures on each side. For summer days, AGV Sport Modular’s Ritmo cool crown side is recommended, while the warm Shalimar side is recommended for riding in colder weather. And when riding in the rain, the amount of water pouring down towards the neck is also minimized thanks to the special design of the shell which directs water away.

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AGV sells the Sport Modular in seven trims, Tricolore, Matt Carbon, Glossy Carbon, Hi-Vis, Carbon White, Carbon Dark-Grey and Aero, with prices ranging between $749 and $799.

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