Alpinestars McGuinness Supertech R Boots Now Available

Alpinestars McGuinness Supertech R boots now available 1

Alpinestars reveals limited exclusive McGuinness Supertech R boots looking really hot

Top-notch biker gear manufacturer Alpinestars reveals their newest addition to the sport boots department, the exclusive, limited edition McGuinness Supertech R. These new boots are a wonderful piece of garment as they are a true collector’s item, and are not at all shy of showing that off.

The most striking thing about them is their coloristic design that incorporates the British flag elements mixed with elements of John’s own McPint logo. To make things even neater, Alpinestars added a map outline of the Mountain Course, the iconic Isle of Man circuit where John McGuinness stepped on the podium more times than any other rider.

Supertech R boots have been around for quite some years now, and were gradually upgraded to offer more protection, more comfort and better looks. These boots come with a microfiber main shell and upper construction that offers improved flexibility, with a redesigned front flex area boasting better abrasion resistance and natural forward and back movement.

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Alpinestars also redesigned the TPU shin protector for better impact dissipation, adding new co-injected replaceable TPU/aluminium toe sliders and a replaceable polymer heel plate slider. The Alpinestars McGuinness Supertech R have a bio-mechanical ankle brace offering free movement for the foot, ankle and leg, improved TPU zips and stretch panels that make getting them on and off much easier.

The Alpinestars McGuinness Supertech R are readily available in limited quantities, in size 42-46, and we found them online with a $500 price tag. Since stocks are most likely not going to last too much, we’d advise you to get your pair as soon as possible.

Dubbed the “King of the Mountain,” McGuinness is a 23-time winner in the Isle of Man, still hoping to equal the absolute champion, the late Joey Dunlop, who had 26 TT victories. John said that he would not pass Joey Dunlop as a sign of respect: “He was my mentor. If I were to reach 26 TT wind too I would quit racing.” 

However, John McGuinness is unlikely to take part in the Isle of Man TT this year, due to a setback of the right tibia and fibula fracture he suffered last year in the North West 200 race.

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