AMA Pro Superbike Champion Shot in the Head. Escapes Without Major Injuries

AMA Pro Superbike Champion Shot in the Head. Escapes Without Major Injuries 1
Miguel Duhamel was struck in the head while cycling Former AMA Pro Superbike champion Miguel Duhamel went through a difficult moment while he was riding his bicycle near Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas. According to FOX5 Las Vegas and Road Racing World, the former racer was shot in the head by a BB gun pellet as a car passed by him. Luckily, he got away without any major injuries.

  “A car came behind me like they always do but this one came up and I heard a shot, like air disperse, it went pow!” said Miguel Duhamel, talking to FOX5 Las Vegas.

miguel duhamel honda rc 51  After the incident, Duhamel was left bleeding as the bullet passed through an air vent on his bicycle helmet. It went through a sweat cap and punctured the skin. Thankfully, the bullet didn’t reach any important body parts. The paramedics responded to the incident and thankfully the rider doesn’t have any lasting injuries.

2006_Daytona_MiguelDuHamel Miguel Duhamel is a former racer with quite some titles under his belt. Back in ‘95, he was crowned AMA Superbike Championship. He also won the Daytona 200 five times, the AMA Supersport title five times, and the AMA Formula Xtreme title twice. All in all, Duhamel has a total of 86 career wins in AMA Pro Racing. So, he knows a thing or two of how to ride fast on race bikes.

miguel duhamel champion motorcycle racing racer champ moto rider canada The rider is now living in Las Vegas and he’s known for being the first Canadian to win the AMA Pro Superbike title. Moreover, he is one of the most successful AMA Superbike racers in the history of the series. We hope he has a complete and fast recovery and that the person who committed this act is brought to justice.


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