Andrea Dovizioso’s Undaunted Moto Doc Released

Andrea Dovizioso’s Undaunted moto doc released 1
Want to see DesmoDovi riding on the edge? The Undaunted motorcycle documentary follows Andrea Dovizioso’s 2019 MotoGP season. It has all the close battles on track, crashes, and insights into racing from the Italian rider. Here are the trailer and details.  Andrea Dovizioso’s
“>Undaunted is a motorcycle documentary produced by Red Bull Media House. It’s made under the direction of Paolo Novelli and follows the Italian rider’s 2019 MotoGP season.  Undaunted features all the victories and defeats that Dovizioso had to go through in racing last year in MotoGP.

Furthermore, it also states the Italian rider’s changes for the 2020 season mainly the nickname from DesmoDovi to Undaunted.

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A new nickname

According to Dovizioso explained the reasons for the nickname change. “It means bold, not wavering, and I think this is a particularly suitable definition for my characteristics. If you understand exactly what ‘without wavering’ means, I see myself very much reflected.”

20190311032038_MotoGP March 10 report 1 “Changes happen when they make sense. I worked with my former physiotherapist, an artist nicknamed ‘Grizzly’. He has a lot of ideas, he knows me well and when he wants to make changes he has the right ideas.

3834ec70 6f8f 4456 8202 fa561e02677c_1568699395 “The name at the bottom of the racing suit, the font type of the number, the helmet… the number is inspired by what he used in motocross. I liked it and that’s why we changed,” concluded Dovizioso.

A new helmet design

Another change that Dovizioso made for the 2020 MotoGP season is the helmet. The new design represents a memory of his childhood. It’s inspired by the helmet of Pegasus, a character of the Knights of the Zodiac – an 80’s cartoon that Dovizioso saw when he was a child.


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