Auto Fabrica Type 11 Is a War of the Worlds Beast

Auto Fabrica Type 11 is a War of the Worlds Beast 1

Auto Fabrica delivers a bespoke Yamaha XSR900 that will soon join the ranks of the Yard Built machines and will be available for purchase to individual customers

UK-based builders Auto Fabrica take a bold step as their most recent creation joins the acclaimed ranks of Yamaha’s Yard Built series. After two initial machines dubbed Prototype One and Prototype Three, Bujar and Gaz Muharremi decided to fill the gap with Prototype Two, a bike destined to turn heads and inspire.

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Baptized Type 11, Auto Fabrica’s new creation is based on Yamaha’s XSR900 model, but the donor bike is hardly recognizable. The builders changed almost each and every part, turning the rather classic roadster into a beast that looks like one fit to star in a War of the Worlds sequel. Auto Fabrica used the most iconic elements from their first two motorcycles and upped the ante with even more striking attitude instilled in Type 11.


The curved, fluid line of the exhaust pipes is a trademark signature of Auto Fabrica, a detail that links all three bikes and will most likely become the emblem of this workshop. Type 11 mixes the alien wraparound cowl that flows into the tank lines of One with the eye-catching retro racing vibe of Three. This way, the front end becomes bold, assertive and proudly shows off its daring aesthetics. A matter of love or hate, Type 11 is certainly a bike for riders to whom the term “quaint” is a synonym to “my way of life.”

The classic round headlight contrasts the ultra-aggressive, futuristic blade-like tail light and blinkers, while the chopped rear subframe and solo seat tell a story that’s meant to unfold on the race track. In the middle of the cowl-tank structure sits a modern, digital round speedo that’s flush with the silver surface. It offers plenty of information to the rider, just like Yamaha’s new line of modern classic bikes got us used to, but remains inconspicuous and unobtrusive.


Unlike Prototype One and Three, Two/Type 11 is a road going machine, with strong, dependable braking power, street-compliant lighting and turn signals, and can serve as both a commuter and track bike, if needed.

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Now, the fun part is that Auto Fabrica’s Type 11 WILL be seen on the streets in the near future. This machine will be built in a strictly limited number, with a lot of variations possible, meeting the customer’s individual preferences. No price was mentioned at the time of writing, but Auto Fabrica says that Type 11 will make it to production stage and will start selling between the Summer and Autumn 2018.

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