Badass Special Troops on Motorcycles Get Involved in Embarrassing Accidents

Badass Special Troops on Motorcycles get involved in Embarrassing Accidents 1
Here's a video involving some MP5-armed guys on F800GS motorcycles ready to fight terrorism. In fact, three videos – one of them with a nice choreography and the other two from the real life.  First, it’s a Singapore Police Special Division created to fight terrorism. The “Rapid Deployment Troops” are using dual sport bikes and form the fast tactical response. They have guns and shields and lights – it looks quite effective.  You can watch the PR video demonstration below (00:14). #stayalert #stayunited #staystrong
Then I had a look at the related videos on YouTube. First one – “singapore police rapid deployment troop bike fall”. Check it below. It seems that the rider fell asleep or something. 
The second one: “Rapid Deployment Troop riders fell off the bike again”. This time si about looking in the mirrors, keeping the distance and anticipating some dangerous situations. 
So it seems that these guys need some motorcycle riding lessons. 

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