Beeline Moto, the Minimalist Navigator That Could

Beeline Moto, the minimalist navigator that could 1

The creators of the amazing Beeline “bicycle compass” are back with a bang… and a new product engineered to meet the requirements of motorcycle riders in search of the ultimate comprehensive-yet-low-profile navigation system. Enter Beeline Moto, one of the neatest navis we laid eyes upon in a couple of years or so.

All in all, the philosophy hasn’t changed much, but the Beeline is now a much better product. Compact, robust and impervious to rain, dust and shocks, Beeline Moto boasts IP67 certification for outstanding resilience in inclement weather and adverse conditions.

The three years Mark Jenner, Tom Putnam and their team took to develop this new version seem to pay off really nice. The Beeline Moto offers a simple and intuitive interface that uses a small capacitive touchscreen in a monochrome color scheme with automatic backlight for easy nighttime readouts and enhanced contrast for sunny days.

One full charge can power this navigator for up to 30 hours, and using the backlight still offers a whopping 10 hours of operation. Mixed conditions yield around 20 hours battery life which is more than any rider stays astride on any day, anyway. Standby life is around 2-3 months, in case you needed to know.

The display shows journey progress, the direction of the next turn and distance to it in both metric and imperial units, various ride data and the current direction that must be followed, making taking the right route easy as pie.

Beeline Moto comes with a variety of mounts that should make installing it on any motorcycle or scooter a breeze. Ram mounts, straps and so on are also in the game, so there’s little chance you won’t be able to use it, regardless of what machine you might ride.

The navi uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) so the 350 mAh battery offer plenty of juice while making short work of recharging. Both iOS and Android apps are available for free, with route planning, saving and sharing included, plus GPX file import built-in capabilities. Route planning and adjustments are made using the app.

Another big plus for the Beeline Moto is that the maps have worldwide coverage and are also free, with frequent updates. Once a route is planned, data connection is no longer needed, saving you money on data roaming, as well.

On the anti-theft side, the Beeline Moto is also stellar, as it uses a twist-and-lock system that makes it easy to mount and unmount the display, for maximum comfort and peace of mind. And with a 51mm diameter and 21mm thickness, the Beeline Moto can be effortlessly stowed away inside a pocket or even a glove.

The Beeline Moto is available through the project’s Kickstarter page for a discounted price of $129, instead of the future retail $199 price tag. Watch the video after the jump and prepare to fall in love.

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