Behold the Ducati Scrambler Custom Dirt Bike

Behold the Ducati Scrambler Custom Dirt Bike 1

The fancy Italian scrambler just got mean

Scrambler Ducati partnered with Fasthouse riders Ricky Diaz and Jordan Graham to take on the toughest desert race in North America, The Mint 400 according to Dirt Bike Magazine. The bike they’ve picked is a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled model which was customized to tackle the offroad by the Spider Grips team. The custom motorcycle comes with tweaked suspension setup, longer swingarm and it still has the 803cc L-twin engine delivering 73 hp.


The Mint 400 used to be just a car only race for the past years, but for 2020 a motorcycle category was added once more while the race was included in the US National Championship. The race took place just out of Buffalo Bill’s Casino in Primm, Nevada. Ducati provided some teams with Scrambler Desert Sled models to compete in the Hooligan class for big twins. So, what we’re looking at in the photos is the bike developed by the Fast House Team for their riders Ricky Diaz and Jordan Graham. And as you might have guessed it, Graham won the class over the Smith/Allen team.

mint bikes lowres

The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled in dirt bike clothes was manufactured by the Spider Grips team. The bikes still have the stock 803cc L-twin engine delivering 73 hp, but modified to tackle the two-loop race in a national Hare & Hound for four hours. Thus, the motorcycles were fitted with reworked forks by Race Tech, a Fox shock sits on the rear end, Scott steering damper, Flexx bars and Fasst Co footpegs and handguards. Moreover, the swingarm was extended while the Ducati Scrambler models were fitted with Pirelli full knob tires. Plus, to make the bikes look more aggressive BJ Manufacturing made a massive skid plate. The package was completed with a bunch of accessories from Ducati like a Termignoni full exhaust system. Furthermore, the motorcycles needed a remapped ignition.

Ducatidamper lowres

ScramblerPipe lowres

We have to say the custom Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled looks awesome customized as a dirt bike and we would like to see more projects like this one.



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