Benelli TRK 502X. Entry-Level Bike With a GS… Ethos

Is it just us, or this Benelli looks like a small-sized R1200GS Adventure?

Benelli just revealed their new TRK 502 X adventure-motorcycle. Spoked rims (19 inches at the fron), parallel twin engine, and a 20 liter fuel tank. As for the looks… it reminds us of the R1200GS Adventure in a BMW motorsport color theme. 

But the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it is said, so let’s focus on the specs. 

The inline-two engine develops 47,6 horsepower and 46 NM and it has to handle a 235 kilograms weight with a 20 liter full fuel tank. So it’s not on the sporty side. 

Actually, it has the same power as a Honda CB500X, and it weights almost as a R1200GS. 

TRK502X 014.JPG

TRK502X 015.JPG

Compared to the basic 502 TRK version, it comes with a 50 mm upside-down fork with a more adventurous setting and with spoked rims. 

The seat height was increased to 850mm, while the ground clearance measures 220 mm. 

Benelli is an historic Italian motorcycle brand bought by the Chinese Qianjiiang Group. However, the production site in Pesaro, Italy is still in use. 


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