BMW Extends Its Helmet Warranty to 5 Years

BMW Extends its Helmet Warranty to 5 Years 1
The procedure starts from 1st of January BMW announced that the two-year warranty of its motorcycle helmets will be extended up to five years. This measure applies to all range of helmets purchased from January 1st 2020. Also, the German brand will cover all material and manufacturing defects of the product.    The previous warranty period of two years for BMW Motorrad helmets will be extended to five years retroactively from 1 January 2020. This means that motorcyclists can look forward to riding even more and have to worry a little less about their helmet and safety.  All helmets in the BMW Motorrad product range, valid from the date of purchase on 1 January 2020, will, therefore, be covered by a contractual warranty period of five years from now on. Purchases made before this date are still limited to a warranty period of 24 months. The warranty applies to all helmets purchased from a participating BMW Motorrad dealer. The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects of the product. Installed BMW Motorrad communication systems, in turn, are excluded from the BMW Motorrad warranty extension for helmets. This means that the warranty expressly does not apply if a defect or damage is caused by improper handling, an accident or the improper installation of the system and accessories – even by third parties. Scratches on the visor, sun shield, helmet shell or plastic parts are also not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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