BMW F750GS 2018 First Review - Better than the F850GS?

Less intimidating, cheaper, but sharing the same GS character and electronics

We just got back from Spain where we managed to test the 2018 F850GS and F750GS - BMW’s all new parallel-twin adventure-travel motorcycles. While the F850GS was the star of the show, the “small” one is also a good option for those who consider the F850GS seat-height intimidating. More than that, it comes with a lower price than its big brother. 

Although called F850GS, it shares the same parallel twin engine - same capacity, same components, same electronics - it was only detuned. Watch our video from Spain in the window below or directly on our YouTube channel. Subscribe for more. 

This was just a first-ride test. We’re looking forward to try it one more time, for a week, when it will be available in our country. Meanwhile, watch a more in-depth review of the F850GS - which also includes some short interviews with some on the ones that built the motorcycle. 


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