BMW F900 R Nardo-Blue by VTR Motorrad

BMW F900 R Nardo-Blue by VTR Motorrad 1

Custom BMW F900R built for an anonymous customer

VTR Motorrad is the official Swiss BMW Dealership and they’ve created this custom motorcycle in the form of the F900 R Nardo-Blue as it’s named. It features standard mechanical components like the engine, brakes, and brakes to name a few, but everything else is covered in a special Nardo-Blue colour scheme. Plus, the company added a short tail version and a couple of custom parts to make the motorcycle stand out from the crowd. 

The story of building this custom bike began with the launch of the BMW F900R to bring new and younger clientele to VTR Motorrad. So, they wanted to manufacture a motorcycle with cool looks and outside of their price range, they usually produce custom motorcycles. The purpose was to showcase the F900R Nardo-Blue at the Swiss Moto Show back in February this year.

Nardo Blue 5

Thus, VTR Motorrad started working on the bike. First, they’ve picked the colour scheme which in this case features Nardo grey while the company added their VTR logo in light blue. Besides the paint scheme, the company wanted to add other components to make the BMW F900R look badass. So, they’ve replaced all silver painted parts with matt black components, all except the T-bars and handlebars due to the customer’s budget.

Nardo Blue 1

Nardo Blue 2

And that’s not all. The short tail version was built in just 15 minutes after the BMW F900R was unloaded from the truck who delivered the bike. Of course, VTR Motorrad cutted and welded other components made in house to make the bike stand out. To get a more clean and racier tail section, VTR cutted the passenger grips and also coated them in black paint.

Nardo Blue 7

Nardo Blue 4

The bike’s wheels were painted in black as well, and due to the normal aspect one might consider, the company added their personal touch with a ¾ to ¼ blue and nardo mix to give a cool look even when the wheels are turning.

Nardo Blue 11

The exhaust system was also on the list, but unfortunately, a new design was not available at the time and was exceeding the budget for a young client they were looking for at the time when they’ve manufactured the custom motorcycle. So, VTR Motorrad came with a solution and coated in black the standard exhaust system.

Nardo Blue 8

Engine-wise, there are no power enhancements, so the VTR F900R Nardo-Blue makes the same 105 hp (77kW) and 92 Nm of torque as the standard version. Moreover, the engine, brakes, suspension and other technical components are the same as the standard BMW F900R due to the budget and selling target group.

Nardo Blue 14

Nardo Blue 3

The donor bike was a full option version which cost € 11,600 (12,400 CHF) and the Nardo-Blue was priced at € 14,860 (15,900 CHF) as showed in the photos. We know the bike looks awesome, but don’t get your hopes up high, because this bike is not for sale. The VTR F900R Nardo-Blue was purchased just two hours after it was showcased at the Swiss Moto Show to an anonymous customer who’s over 50 years old. No need to worry, VTR Motorrad are open to building other custom BMW motorcycles such as their Spitfire and Bétisse models.

Nardo Blue 10

Nardo Blue 9

Nardo Blue 12

Nardo Blue 17

Nardo Blue 18

Nardo Blue 19

Nardo Blue 15

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