BMW F900XR Commute | Long-Term Test Ep. 2

BMW F900XR Commute | Long-Term Test Ep. 2 1

The F900XR joined our long-term test fleet for 2020. I unboxed it and used it day by day in the city. It’s just amazing. I was such a great surprise for me: it rides better than the F850GS (on street), but it’s much more comfortable than the S1000XR. What a pleasure to ride it! 

First of all, I wanted to see how good it is as a commuter – as a day by day motorcycle. So I used in the city and around for 1,000 km. My daily commute includes some 10 km of highway, national road and city traffic. 

It works just great: it’s nimble and easy to ride, very comfortable – so you can spend a whole day in the saddle, without feeling tired. More than that, you feel quite happy. Because it’s that kind of bike that’s makes you want to push it harder. All, without being uncomfortable – the suspension comes with the right mix between plush and sporty, the brakes are good, the engine is packed with usable power and torque, and the acceleration works like magic – soft and smooth. 

The ergonomics are perfect, the dash comes with smartphone pairing and turn by turn navigation, the LED headlight is perfect during the night. Of course, it doesn’t ride like a naked bike in the city – the turning angle is not that permissive, and the wide handlebar makes you hit the mirrors. 

For the in-depth review, check the video below. 

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