BMW G310GS Gets an Adventure Kit. Breaking Bad

BMW G310GS gets an Adventure Kit. Breaking Bad 1

Spoked wheels, better suspension, and some off-road travel accessories to turn the baby GS into a more adventurous motorcycle

The guys at Rally-Raid created an off-road upgrade for the G310GS, solving some weaknesses the BMW entry-level motorcycle has. 

First of all, the wheels. Almost everyone asked about spoked wheel or about an “adventure” version of the G310GS. But BMW doesn’t offer it yet, so these aftermarket parts are the only solution. The guys at Rally-Raid offer wire-spoked wheels available in both tubed and tubeless option. 

G310gs adv kit.png

Then, there is an upgraded suspension – both the rear shock and the front suspension can be swapped for some “Tractive" suspension system. 

Other accessories: high windscreen, hand-guards, luggage rack, handlebar raisers (very useful). 

But these accessories come with a price, as mentioned by

• LEVEL 1 shock $564
• LEVEL 1 LOW shock $564
• LEVEL 1 fork kit $281
• LEVEL 2 combined shock and fork kit $1,129
• Heavy-duty wire-spoked wheel set (tubed) $1,166
• Heavy-duty wire-spoked wheel set (tubeless) $1,483
• Adventure engine guard (black powder coat) $281
• Adventure windshield (tall) $129
Scorpion Serket exhaust system (available with/without catalytic converter) from: $445

So, if you want to transform your GS to a tougher machine it will cost you around $3,500. 


It's not the first similar kit built by these guys. They also made something similar for the Honda CB500X, a street bike with great potential for adventurous rides, but having street manners in its standard trim. 

Watch our first ride with the G310GS. 

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