BMW HP4 Race Carbon Fiber Superbike. a Closer Look

This is probably the most exclusive BMW ever built

Carbon fibre frame, carbon fibre wheels and pure breed racing elemets. Meet the BMW HP4 Race. 

The German manufacturer just unveiled an ultra lightweight and ready to perform S1000RR at the Milan show. This new HP demolishes all the weight standards, with carbon fibre frame and wheels. Ducati, watch your back, Superleggera is now longer the only featherweight superbike.

Watch our BMW HP4 Race First View Video at EICMA

The eye-catching prototype features race-ready carbon fairings and World Superbike trim. Unlike the Supeleggera’s carbon swingarm, the HP4 Race uses a different aluminium unit. The whole package gets a lot of improvements like racing suspensions, 2D electronics and dash and full racing exhaust. The engine has the same covers, but we expect to be a race modified power-plant on this one. 

Unfortunately, it will be available in limited number in the second half of 2017. BMW won’t unveil any details about the prototype. But as we saw in Milan, it will have a hand build twin-spar carbon fibre frame and wheels. BMW Motorrad President Stephan Schaller announced that more details will be available next spring. 

With the release of the BMW S1000RR HP4 Race and Ducati Supeleggera we now have a new featherweight super bike class.

2017 BMW HP4 Race high resolution photos 07

2017 BMW HP4 Race high resolution photos 03

2017 BMW HP4 Race high resolution photos 05

2017 BMW HP4 Race high resolution photos 01

2017 BMW HP4 Race high resolution photos 09



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