BMW M1000RR Revealed. the First M Motorcycle

For those living in a cave with nothing else than motorcycles, M is BMW’s performance division in the car segment. And from now on, the letter will be assigned to the bikes, too. So, M1000RR is just the first one.

The 2021 BMW M1000RR is based on the 2020 S1000RR superbike but comes with more power, more torque, less weight, more powerful brakes, a lot of carbon parts, and, of course, some winglets.

M1000RR: 212 hp, 192 kg

The power output of the engine raised to 212 hp and the DIN kerb weight is of only 192 kg. The M RR engine has extensive technical optimizations such as new 2-ring forged pistons from Mahle, adapted combustion chambers, compression increased to 13.5, longer and lighter titanium connecting rods from Pankl, slimmer and lighter rocker arms, fully machined intake ports with new duct geometry as well as optimizations on camshafts and intake area. The lightweight exhaust system is also made of titanium. The new M RR engine is even more powerful than the RR power train in the range from 6,000 rpm to 15,100 rpm, a range that is particularly relevant for race track driving dynamics, but without losing its qualities as a fascinating source of power for sporty driving on country roads.

The winglets

BMW says that the winglets’ development took part on track and in BMW’s wind tunnel, and they produce enough aerodynamic downforce to get faster lap times with the new M1000RR. Of course, they are made of carbon.

Upgraded chassis

The chassis of the new M RR is based on the RR with the bridge frame made of aluminum at its centerpiece. It has an optimized upside-down fork as well as a revised central spring strut with blue spring and Full Floater Pro kinematics. The primary objective of the chassis design was to achieve the best possible lap times on the race track. Special attention was paid to optimizing drivability, braking, and anti-squat control as well as the best possible feeling of the driver for the front and rear wheel.

M brakes and M carbon wheels as standard

The M brakes are derived from the experience with the racing brakes in the World Superbike Championship and are providing “maximum fading stability and controllability. Externally, the M brake calipers have a blue anodized coating in combination with the M logo. With the M carbon wheels, the new M RR has more high-tech components for maximum performance on the race track and road.

What about the Dash?

The instrument cluster of the new M 1000 RR has the same basic design as the RR and has an M start animation. As part of the optional equipment, an activation code (contents of M competition package) can be used to provide comprehensive data material for the use of the M GPS lap trigger and M GPS data logger (Original BMW Motorrad Accessories) via the OBD interface of the instrument cluster.

M Competition Package

For those who are still not satisfied with the new M RR in standard trim, the M competition package provides a fascinating mixture of classy components for the racing technology gourmet and the aesthete at the same time. In addition to the M GPS lap trigger software and the corresponding activation code, the M competition package also includes the M milled parts package, the M carbon package as well as a silver 220 g lighter swinging arm, the friction-optimized, maintenance-free, and DLC-coated M Endurance chain and the passenger package including a tail-hump cover.

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