BMW Motorrad Concept Link Unveiled

BMW Motorrad Concept Link unveiled 1

Another zero-emission two wheel vehicle from BMW

BMW Motorrad shocks again at Concorso d'Elenganza Villa d'Este 2017 with another daring motorcycle concept. A whole different approach compared to last year's BMW R5 Hommage. The BMW Motorrad Concept Link goes a step further towards zero-emissions and futuristic lines.

Inspired by the BMW Vision Next 100, a self-balancing intelligent motorcycle, the Concept Link follows the same idea of a smart vehicle you can interact with. The Concept is a mix between analog and digital world that serves both as transportation and communication device. “It’s more than a concept – it is rather a symbol of a new era," says Edgar Heinrich, BMW Motorrad Head of design.

The futuristic looks are clean and meet the urban functionality needs. The weight is moved down as the flat energy packs are fitted in the underfloor. The seat bench is adjustable and can be lengthened to make room for a passenger. The low seat height makes it easier to for the rider and passenger to go on an off. Underneath the seat, there’s a storage space that can be opened using a sliding door.

P90260575_lowRes_bmw motorrad concept

The two-tone color scheme, black matte, and gray add up to the distinctive silhouette. The side panels are specially designed to accentuate the futuristic design. Some of the technical elements like the drive unit, the cooling ribs, single sided swing arm spring strut, and tooth belt are all visible. The battery cables are orange and visible while the sides of the wheels are covered to raise the visual appeal. The sharp shape helps improve the aerodynamics and the air flow. 

The vehicle is completely electric made to satisfy the need for mobility with a fast acceleration and easy handling. It even features reverse for the rider to park it easier. The Concept Link connects with the rider and knows what is next on the agenda. This way it can plan faster routes and even play appropriate music.

The dashboard has been replaced by a head-up display on the windshield. The display shows the speed, navigation info, and battery status. Another touch sensitive large surface panel is situated between the handlebars and offers extra information. 

P90260586_lowRes_bmw motorrad concept

The BMW Motorrad Link is one step forward to the future of mobility. We hope BMW will put in production soon enough.

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