BMW Motorrad’s Vision Next 100 Is the Bike of the Future

BMW Motorrad's Vision Next 100 Is the Bike of the Future 1

Fully electric and self-balancing, and get this: no helmet needed!

The BMW Group released yesterday in Los Angeles a solution for the future of motorcycling. Engineers at BMW have no rest. Their latest release, the Vision Next 100, seems to be stolen from the future. It may sound sci-fi, but you don’t need a helmet or protective gear to ride it, as the bike takes care of everything.

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Safety meets new standards

The bike of the future will be self-balancing. To enhance stability, BMW developed a system that automatically balances the motorcycle both while stalling or running. This means the bike will never tip over. Furthermore, a helmet is no longer necessary. The Vision Next 100 will be available with special gear. The rider will have to use a one piece suit that takes care of him or her in any weather conditions, and a visor that offers real-time information and wind protection. When the speed increases, it inflates around the neck area to provide support for the upper vertebrae, but there is no impact protection. That's because the Vision Next 100 is supposed to the safest bike, with accidents out of the discussion.

R 32 looks

The Vision Next 100 seems to be a classic BMW boxer that went through a time portal and came back all electric and intelligent. The engine is replaced by an electric solution, and the frame was changed with a Flexframe that appears to integrate the front fork. The front-end practically bends in order to change direction. The suspension is also missing on this bike, because the tires are specially designed to take care of the damping.

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Real-time analysis of the surroundings

The bike analyses in real time the surroundings and keeps the rider aware of dangers. This system is called a digital companion and has a subtle intervention in the riding experience. The information is presented in a designated area of the visor and includes useful tips like the ideal line. It can also provide assistance for novice riders.

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