BMW R nineT Made in Russia

BMW R nineT made in Russia 1

A custom project reminding of Back to the Future

This BMW R nineT is a custom motorcycle built by Mikhail Smolânovym of Zillers Garage in Moscow, Russia, in co-operation with John Red Design. The whole bike was covered with fairings to hide all the mechanical components except the 1,170cc boxer engine. The result is a futuristic-looking neo-retro cafe racer. 


Mikhail Smolânovym is a World Champion and Russian Champion on customizing bikes. His latest creation, the BMW R nineT, was supposed to be unveiled at Motovesna Motorcycle Show and unfortunately, due to the current situation, the bike was revealed online.


The first step for building this custom R nineT was to use CAD (computer-aided design) modelling. After the sketch was made by John Red Design, Mikhail Smolânovym changed the suspension setup to lower the ground clearance and bring the bike as close to the ground as possible.


The whole motorcycle is covered with a futuristic fairing design to hide all the mechanical parts. Only the 1,170cc boxer engine remained visible. There are no tech details regarding the power output, but as standard, the engine delivers 110 hp @ 7,750 rpm.


Smolânovym modified the controls with the front brake and clutch levers featuring a couple of remote controls buttons to adjust the air suspension. Other components like the pistons and oil seals are the original ones to maintain the characteristics of the brakes and clutch.



The exhaust system is hand made, the bike was fitted with Brembo brakes and custom multi-spoke wheels while the modified suspension reduced the seat height. Thus, making the R nineT an exhibition motorcycle. Moreover, the headlight, tail unit and dash are custom made as well. The handlebars were fitted with rear-view mirrors and Smolânovym built a storage space under the seat and fitted a USB socket to charge the smartphone.


There are no details if this custom-built BMW R nineT is just an exhibition motorcycle or if the Russian bike builder will offer the model for sell.










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