BMW R nineT Scrambler Revealed

BMW R nineT Scrambler is a cheaper and dirt-fashioned nineT, powered by the same 1200 air-cooled engine.

BMW revealed a new retro model. It was a must, considering the “retro/scrambler” market momentum: almost everyone builds or plans a Scrambler – Ducati and Triumph are the most obvious examples, and those who can’t afford (or don’t take it as a priority) big R&D budgets try other alternatives. For example, Suzuki revived the old Van Van and Ural gave a “scrambler” look to their antique sidecar machine. 

So there was no surprise that BMW launched this model, rumored one year before. Beyond the marketing words which grant you a “high degree of freedom and unconventional feeling”, we see a conventional bike based on the high-successful R nineT. 

It has the same charismatic air-cooled boxer and a retro-fashioned look: simple headlight, nice-shaped exhaust, single-side swinging arm and a lovely seat. Moreover, it has a large 19 inch front wheel, as is typical for a Scrambler and a more upright riding position. 

On the other hand, it lacks the high-specification R nineT fork and brakes, while the fuel tank doesn’t have aluminum hand-finished side covers any more. Also, it doesn’t have laced wheels. 

All this details should lower the price with more than € 2,000(we don’t have the official pricing yet), so the nineT is more affordable, but still not a cheap bike. 

Even if it’s cheaper, when you put it next to the original nineT, it doesn’t feel so. 

The old air/oil cooled boxer has Euro IV homologation and is still capable of 110 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 166 NM of torque at 6,000 rpm. It’s more than enough for a 220 kg naked and it can reach a 200 km/h maximum speed. 

BMW R nineT Scrambler was “designed to be customized”. It has a modular frame, so the passenger frame is removable, offering a range of custom modifications. Moreover, due to its lack of electronics, various parts could be changed easily. 

Considering the great success of the original nineT, the Scrambler should be a hit in this summer, when a stylish retro bike is considered to be the best way to achieve happiness.




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