BMW R1200GS vs. Audi A6: 3-0

BMW R1200GS vs. Audi A6: 3-0 1

Don’t mess with the R1200GS crash bar

It was a hot summer day when I entered a small town in Southern Romania. One of those days at the end of which you thank God that you’re alive. It all happened in seconds in a place where there was almost no traffic.

I was heading home after a friend’s wedding when a car cut me off. I had nearly missed it when another one turning left just in front of me without looking in the mirror. 

This time I couldn't avoid the collision. With the horn shouting, I tried to keep a safe course. Remember that movie scene when the Titanic hit the iceberg? It was the same for me, just that the iceberg was moving very fast. 

It all happened very fast, and all my reactions were basic instinct things. I was lucky. The right side of my motorcycle hit the car's front end. I didn’t even fell off the bike. But it was a matter of 10 cm. In a not so optimistic scenario, it was me flying off the motorcycle, 10 meters through the air, hitting something with my head. Not sure about being able to tell you that story. 

However, I was lucky and ended up unharmed. As for the bike, just a few scratches on the cylinder head cover, on the crash bar, and on the right side case. But it’s all functional. So don’t mess with an R1200GS crash-bar. 

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