BMW R1250GS – Must Have Parts

BMW R1250GS - Must Have Parts 1

Looking for the best accessories for your big GS? Here’s our list

Promotional Article | The guys at Hornig asked us to pick the R1250GS accessories every owner should have. We selected them from the model list, mounted them on the bike and had a test to see how they work. 

The most important part for your R1250GS is a crash-bar. The boxer engine is fragile due to its nature, and you can break the engine covers when falling. Then, the oil will start pouring from the engine, and you won’t be able to use it any longer. That’s why every GS should have some tough crash-bars.

Then, we updated the comfort with a larger windscreen – no buffeting and perfect weather protection and some handlebar raisers – a good feature that improves the ergonomics. There’s also the headlight protection which we find very useful when riding on crowded gravel roads and a side-stand enlarger. 

Watch our unboxing video & review below or directly on our YouTube channel. Subscribe for more. 

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