BMW R18 Based Touring Bike Patents Revealed

The German brand could be working on a touring bike version of the R18

BMW R18 patents have been leaked. We can see that the company has a new touring bike that could be based on the R18 concept bike. There is also a patent showing what appears to be the production model of the R18.

Update: BMW R18 Cruiser Spotted. Spy Shots

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro(1)

In the patents, we can see a front bat-fairing with a windscreen, large front and rear fenders, a different exhaust system, alloy rims, a large dual seat and side cases.

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro(6)

Considering these patents, BMW is set to take some of the sales from Harley-Davidson.

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro(2)

Although the Concept R18 cruiser has been unveiled at the Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este, and BMW has presented the Concept R18 /2 model at the Custombike-Show last year, the patents show the design of what could be the R18 cruiser in production form. The bike could be launched as a 2021 model.

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro

We can see some differences such as the fork, front disc brakes, front & rear fenders, the tank, the dual seat, exhaust system while the engine looks pretty much the same.

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro (1)

The Concept R18 air-cooled 1,802 cc engine is making 91 hp at 4,750 rpm and 158 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm. It will be interesting to see if the power figures of the production R18 will remain the same.

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro (2)

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro (3)

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro(3)

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro (6)

bmw r18 2021   imagens de registro(7)

BMW Motorrad Concept R18 02 1

bmw r18 concept

BMW Concept R 18 2 First Look custom cruiser motorcycle 2

p90375131_highres_bmw motorrad concept

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