BMW R18 – Exclusive Walkaround and Start-Up

BMW R18 - Exclusive Walkaround and Start-up 1

BMW just unveiled the R18 – the motorcycle that marks the entry to the cruise segment. It features a 1,800 cc air-oil-cooled boxer engine with open shaft drive and the classy look is inspired by the R5 – the motorcycle that BMW built almost a century ago. 

We got our hands on the new R18 in its series-production form. And we also got the fuel-tank shaped key so we’re able to start the engine and to enjoy the sound. Watch the walkaround video right below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more. 

The R18 will be available this summer in the USA and a bit later, in the fall, for the rest of the world. The price: for the USA, there’s gonna be a standard version – priced at about $17,500, and it will cost $19,870 with additional stuff. In Europe, we’ll have the First Edition that will cost 22,800 euros in Germany. 

One thought on “BMW R18 – Exclusive Walkaround and Start-Up

  1. I really liked the concept r18 can I get a model like that with the absence of indicators and the reversed clutch and brake levers also the shortened exhaust system

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