BMW R5 Hommage Supercharged Is a Work of Art

BMW R5 Hommage Supercharged is a Work of Art 1

BMW revealed a piece of history custom bike inspired by the iconic R5

The BMW R5 Hommage is a resurrection of the much more appreciated R5 from the 1930s, adapted and improved by all means. The R5 concept was unveiled at the annual Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and enjoyed a great attention. 

Lines adapted for a contemporary look

Retro is the new trend in the motorcycle world. BMW sets up a new challenge for the series motorcycle builders. The R5 is considered to be the most beautiful bike made by the German manufacturer. The Hommage is a rebirth of the old R5. The lines are the same, although BMW adapted a new frame. The tank is redesigned and blends with the frame adding to the simple and clean look. Every part was given attention and is entirely handcrafted. The intention was to bring together old and new parts to create a bike that will not only look gorgeous but will also work perfectly.

BMW pioneering 


An iconic air-cooled 500cc boxer engine beats in the heart of this bike. The engine casing and covers were built with the same shape and style of the old R5. It was meant to mark 80 years from the launch of the original R5 back in 1936. The original bike supposed to be a race bike, and the Hommage continues with the same attitude. BMW made huge efforts to build a unique engine with a bespoke turbocharger. The generator was removed, and a blower was mounted instead of it. We can only hope that this bike will make it to production and will keep the supercharged propulsion unit.


Retro but modern

The shapes are the same but most of the parts we’re redesigned to fulfill the modern age street requirements. The hardtail was left aside, and a modern suspension system took its place. The original hub brakes are now replaced by disc brakes and radial callipers. The brake and clutch lever, even tough block milled, are mounted at the end of the handlebar, just like the original R5. The Hommage comes with a retro bobber look, but with the reliability and power similar to a modern motorcycle. We have strong beliefs that BMW will put this bike in production although this may not be a final shape.





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