BMW Reveals Their Stunning Electric Vision DC Roadster

BMW Reveals Their Stunning Electric Vision DC Roadster 1

BMW proudly shows off their all-electric motorcycle, pray it arrives in dealerships soon

BMW Motorrad enters a new era with their latest concept, the Vision DC Roadtser, an all-electric bike with astonishing looks and a rich heritage.

Everybody knew that after BMW’s electric scooter, a full-sized motorcycle was about to come, and here it is: the Vision DC Roadster, a stunning concept that’s most likely set to become a real street-going bike soon.

P90354709_highRes_bmw motorrad vision

Aside the news itself, the most striking thing about the Vision DC Roadster is how much BMW DNA it has in it. House Munich’s design team managed to deliver a concept that introduces the electric drivetrain tech without abandoning the historic landmark looks of the company’s boxer machine. If anything, this may be one of the sweetest transitions from ICE bikes to electric ones, in consummate coherence with the maker’s tradition.

Basically, you’ll be able to tell it’s a BMW dozens of yards away. Two beefy battery cooling elements protrude from each side of the Vision DC Roadster, mimicking the boxer cylinders and making a bold statement design-wise.

As if this wasn’t enough, these coolers move slighty outwards as the bike is started – a visual way of telling that the motorcycle is ready. Also, the Vision DC Roadster comes with the instantly recognizable shaft drive, yet another key element that makes it impossible to mistake this bike for anything other than a BMW.

P90354722_highRes_bmw motorrad vision

The battery is vertical, with cooling fins directly in the air stream harking back to the old oilheads. A tubular structure replaces the fuel tank and flows seamlessly into the aggressive seat, providing a riding position leaned forward, inspiring speed and agility.

P90354710_highRes_bmw motorrad vision

All lighting is of course LED, with the rear lights neatly integrated in the aluminium tail. Adding even more style points, BMW commissioned special tires to Metzeler, with 5 fluorescent tabs on each side, increasing visibility at night and creating an eerily beautiful effect when riding.

A statement of both style and technology, this BMW electric motorcycle concept tells us a lot as to what Zie Germans are planning for the future and we simply fell in love with their Vision. No word yet about power, battery or other goodies, but we can expect BMW to outdo themselves with this one.

P90354713_highRes_bmw motorrad vision P90354715_highRes_bmw motorrad vision P90354716_highRes_bmw motorrad vision P90354717_highRes_bmw motorrad vision P90354718_highRes_bmw motorrad vision P90354719_highRes_bmw motorrad vision P90354720_highRes_bmw motorrad vision P90354721_highRes_bmw motorrad vision

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