BMW S1000RR Comes Now With Carbon Fiber Wheels

BMW Motorrad announced that the M Performance package includes carbon fiber wheels for the BMW S1000RR model. Compared to the standard aluminium wheels, the carbon fiber ones are lighter by 1.7 kg, thus making the German superbike more agile through corners. Also, it helps the bike accelerate and brake better. The M Performance carbon fiber wheel set includes thicker disc brakes, sensor rings, wheel bearings and tyre pressure control valves.

When it was launched last year, the new generation BMW S1000RR was not just a redesigned bike with a facelift. The German engineers upgraded the motorcycle making it a completely new bike starting with the engine and finishing with the riding position and the design. Now, BMW adds to their M performance package a carbon fiber wheel set.

Carbon fiber is an exotic material and very few models on the motorcycle market are fitted with such components. Carbon fiber was developed for the aerospace industry due to its high-strength and lightness. So, it found its place on racing bikes. Now, BMW Motorrad is using it on its motorcycles. In this case the BMW S1000RR.

The carbon fiber wheels are included in the BMW M Performance package. The manufacturing process uses high-pressure furnaces, also called autoclaves making the wheel lighter compared to the cast aluminium ones. Less weight means lower rotational masses leading not only to improved acceleration and braking behaviour but also makes the bike easier to handle. In other words, the carbon fiber wheels enhance the bike’s dynamics and make it more agile through corners. Moreover, the carbon fibre surface, which is coated with high-gloss clear lacquer, offers a better look when riders glance at their BMW S1000RR. Thus, customers will get noticed when they ride their bikes on the street or when they park their superbike.

From a technical standpoint, the M Performance carbon fiber wheels are 1.7 kg lighter compared to the standard aluminium wheels. The wheel set includes thicker brake discs (5mm compared to standard discs which are 4.5mm thick), sensor rings, wheel bearings and tyre pressure control valves.

If you want to improve the performance of your BMW S1000RR, the M Performance carbon fiber wheels are available at dealerships starting from this August.

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